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London Property Ventures

creates beautiful, affordable

starter homes for young

professionals in up and

coming areas of London.

LPV’s track record shows Returns on Equity

exceeding 50% per annum.



LPV builds new homes in up and coming areas all over London

LPV's current portfolio consists of:





Purchase price


The current portfolio capital structure is:

Equity capital deployed


Loan capital deployed


LPV's current portfolio targets compromise:



Return on Equity*





LPV creates beautiful homes for first-time buyers. 

We help them get their first step on the ladder by bringing elegantly-designed homes that are eligible for Help to Buy to an otherwise under-nourished and unaffordable market. 

Help to Buy  supports first-time buyer purchases by offering up to 40% loans against a 5% deposit. 

Through this scheme, first-time buyers are afforded a new and premium product alongside the peace of mind of the full support of a 10-year structural warranty. 

Our methodologies and processes deliver exceptional returns:


Gaining planning permission for development can double a site’s value


Converting commercial to residential use can double the value of the commercial premises



We acquire buildings that can be extended


We build for below £160/square foot and we sell on for a minimum of £450/square foot



We use meticulous research to identify areas with rising prices and that are walking-distance from undergound or overground stations


We carefully research sell-on prices in the areas before purchasing a building


We purchase from a network of off-market brokers, or at auction where listings, information and viewings are only available 3 weeks before the sale.


Approximately 1,000 lots per month come up for auction. LPM has the capacity to sift this data, visit sites and analyse returns on interesting lots.

LPV’s Returns Criteria are stringent: we target 20% annualised RoE if no planning permission is granted; and 100%+ if planning permission is granted.

The first LPV company has already fully returned investors’ capital, with the more-than-100% profit reinvested into new projects.

LPM has achieved outstanding growth since January 2016

LPV Growth from Inception



Why invest in property in London?

London and South East England suffers from a structural housing shortage.

240,000 new homes are required each year to meet current demand levels 1.

Only 140,000 new homes are currently being built per year 1.

Q3 2017 new home registrations declined by 9% 2 – so the shortage is getting more extreme.

London’s population is forecast to increase 17% by 2030, from 8.8m to 10.3m 3

Despite Brexit, the structural shortage remains and is worsening. Demand significantly exceeds supply.

1 Financial Times, 4 May 2017
2 National House Building Council, 26 October 2017
3 Office for National Statistics


LPV entities are managed by London Property Mgt Ltd. (LPM)


LPM target returns exceeding 18% per annum,

and has achieved annualized returns exceeding 50%


LPM’s Strategy is to capitalise on mis-priced assets due to:

Illiquid markets

Over-discounted risk

Overlooked value-enhancement opportunities


The Directors of LPM are all investors in the five LPV closed-end investment companies.

Best-in-class investment management: an example

An example of LPM’s best-in-class investment management: 
October 2017, actively assessing the auction market in search of several new projects for our investment company LPV250


Best-in-class Investment Process leads to Best-in-class Returns on Equity


Andrew Hull | CEO
Amy Jovy | COO, Architect
Matthew Jordan | CEO Investment
Hazel Cottey | Director, 
Head of Sales
Andrew Jeffreys | Non-Exec Director
Keith Griffiths | Head of Finance
Andrew Cheung | Finance Manager
Abdu Akemel | Book-keeper
Shailendra Sharma | Financial Account
Adnan Hussain | Finance Administrator
Imran Ali | Project Architect
Divneet Kohli | Project Architect
Richard Lesnick | Project Architect
John Caton | Construction Manager
Matt Besser | Purchasing Manager
Agne Didzgalvyte | Project Manager
Luisa Simon Covolan | Office Assistant
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